Preventing Commercial Identity Theft

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Commercial Identity Theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the country and the Internet certainly make it easier. You might not be able to prevent identity theft, but you can take steps to make yourself less vulnerable. It is clear that prevention is currently the only viable approach to resolving the problem of stolen identities being used online because postloss enforcement and property recovery is difficult due to the limited number of trained Internet fraud investigators. There are some measures that e-business companies can use, to minimize the risk of commercial identity theft affecting their business and employees.

To prevent commercial identity theft, your company should develop and publish a privacy policy. It is important that the employees are trained about the privacy policy and abide by it. Closely monitor this privacy policy and your compliance. You may wish to appoint a security and privacy coordinator for your organization.

Store only data elements that you really need to have. Maintaining a database with purchase and address information is fine to facilitate one-to-one marketing, but maintaining a database of payment information is not necessary. Once the payment is completed, this kind of data should be removed to reduce the risk of commercial identity theft. In addition, you should verify the payment system deletes temporary data files with payment records. If you outsource this to a 3rd party, ensure that the outsourcing entity has strict security and privacy policies as well.

Furthermore, you can prevent commercial identity theft by monitoring employees who have access to sensitive data or payment systems. Perform spot checks and verify that employees are working within the scope of their jobs. Try to minimize the number of employees who have access to such important systems. In the case of security breach or loss of computer systems, immediately report the incident to the police. This will allow them to investigate if there is any possibility of commercial identity theft taking place.

Privacy and security policies are important steps in protecting employees from fraud. Companies should have both privacy and security polices to ensure that there are clear rules to which the company and its employees adhere. This will certainly help to prevent commercial identity theft within the company and safeguard the interests of the employees.